Terms and Conditions

Condensed Terms and Conditions

Stock Doors
If an order is cancelled there is a 10% fee if the door has not shipped. If the door has shipped, the cancellation fee is 20% and the customer is responsible for return shipping costs.

Custom Doors
Custom doors require a 50% deposit to begin production. If a custom door is cancelled before production has started, there is a 20% fee. Once a custom doors is in production, the deposit is non-redundable.

All Ironman Door Products; doors, windows, garage doors and accessories have a one year warranty. If a product has a manufacturing defect or fails in that first year, Ironman Doors has the option to repair or replace the item. We understand that these doors are not inexpensive, if there is an issue with an item outside the warranty period, contact us anyway so that we may assist or suggest the best repair and replacement options.

Ironman Doors LLC does not warrant installation even if pass-though installation costs are included in a quote. Installation costs for the original or warranty replacement doors are non-refundable. Ironman Doors does not pay for installation costs for warranty replacement. If Ironman Doors determines a door was damaged due to faulty installation, the warranty may be void.

Shipping is arranged on a case-by-case basis. In some cases, Ironman Doors representatives will be delivering your door and in other cases, a LTL Freight company will deliver.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure resources are available to off-load the door crates. This may require 3-4 people. Some frieght carriers have excess wait time fees if items cannot be off-loaded quickly. If the situation arises where you cannot support the off-loading your door, please contact us first.

Full Terms and Conditions
Full terms and conditions may be supplied at the time of order and unless otherwise specified, supercede terms posted here.